Aiming for the stars

My name is Mads. Through Brandinavian, I work with companies and organizations in a broad range of verticals, designing and engineering digital solutions with cutting edge technologies. I have helped organizations and companies in the USA, Europe and in Asia. I have a solid educational foundation, I hold a Master's degree in Media Science, focused on ethical dilemmas in industrial-scale data accumulation. I also hold a technical design degree.

I build best-in-class, scalable web applications, that convert and communicate well.

Going beyond

My mission is very simple. To innovate and to create value. To help you aim for the stars, and then take you there. I hope to look back at my career, knowing that I left a solid body of work behind me.

Having over 8 years of experience with web technologies - and having seen many mismanaged WordPress installations at this point, I know that the way many people have their digital ecosystems set up today, ultimately end up being detrimental to themselves in the long run.

I'm here to change that.




94704, Berkeley
California, USA